House of Russian Design

Industrial Designers Club takes part in Milan Design Week for the second time. This

year their exposition is called «House of Russian Design». The exposition is supposed

to be a constant participant of international exhibitions and to represent all the new and actual features of Russian Design.

The main topic for this year is «The first step towards export».

The participants were preparing their exhibits for export during a year:

- remodeled the constructions in order to make them demountable

- elaborated on the assembly instructions

- studied the process of certification in EU, the questions of logistics and storage

- recalculated the prices of items so that they were relevant for the other countries

- etc.

Every year Russian Design grows stronger: new names appear or being first famous

just in Russia some designers become known on the international level.

«House of Russian Design» is a spot, where the Russian design will be international

and public.

There will be represented not only the interior objects or lightings, but also some items

from Russian makers and clothing designers. We are planning to expand our

exposition, to widen the assortment.


let's get acquainted

Based on the survey results, we will send you the most useful following information

  • Russia Design House catalogue of exporting assortment
  • terms of export delivery for each submitted item
  • additional information about cooperation upon your request

About us

Industrial Designers Club is an organization, which is developing and promoting the

industrial design in Russia. This organization is working on creating a competitive


The Club was created in 2014 in Moscow. Now there are more than 30 brands in the

Club across the whole country. The founders of the Club are the members of the

furniture-brand ARCHPOLE.

Our aims and objectives.

The aim of Industrial Designers Club is promoting, supporting and developing the

Industrial Design in Russia.


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