The architects Anna Sazhinova and Konstantin Lagutin created architectural and manufacturing lab ARCHPOLE in 2008.

They have an experimental course towards creating furniture collections from the idea and construction to materials and further decoration and prototyping. All of the elements of Industrial Design are made on their own domestic production. It provides high quality, speed and suitable price of the finished product.

ARCHPOLE has its own online-shop, where more than 300 items of furniture, interior objects and accessories are presented. Each item has 14 options of decoration.

Architectural bureau sets the stylistic and ethic tone of the furniture. The main point is that furniture should shape the interior and merge into it. That is why all the items made by ARCHPOLE have concise shapes from simple geometry. Designers use such materials as birch plywood, old boards and black steel in their works.

ARCHPOLE. Laboratory

Anna Sazhinova, Konstantin Lagutin


Phone: +7(499)521-30-54

E-mail: _@archpole.ru 

Website: www.archpole.ru 

Social Networks: www.instagram.com/archpole