ART_ALIBI is a studio of exclusive design, created by Olga Davydova and Alexandra Tareeva in 2012. Its major activities are: architecture and interior prototyping. Moreover, for almost each project the designers create an exclusive item with its own design. There appear some interesting art-objects, interior decisions and industrial-designed items during collaboration with other Russian manufactures. All the works made by ART_ALIBI can be described as high qualified, modern, and laconic but at the same time – experimental. The only thing is that the experiments should be calculated: potentially beautiful but useless object is not interesting for the designers. In addition, they use eco-friendly materials and try to make each item very functional.


Aleksandra Tareeva, Olga Davydova


Phone: +7 (903) 297-35-37, +7 (916) 321-41-78

E-mail: art-alibi@mail.ru 

Website: www.art-alibi.com