Garage Factory

Garage Factory Kazan. #Daetobeton

Damir Aitov and Timur Zakirov created studio of industrial design Garage Factory in 2014. Their main principle is creating the items, which will combine functionality and natural aesthetics of the used materials. This studio is one of the leading companies in Russia who create lamps, vases and other interior items from concrete.

In addition, Garage Factory creates corporate collections for for public institutions, offices and apartments based on customer’s sketches.

Garage Factory has its own manufacture and well-established technology, which helps the designers to carry out the orders of different complexity and quantity.

Items made by Garage Factory were awarded on international design exhibitions, for example – silver medal on A’Design Award & Competition 2017 and the first place at VOLGA BRAND 2018 (in the nomination «Best Advertising Souvenirs and Business-Presents».

Garage Factory Kazan. #Daetobeton

Damir Aitov, Timur Zakirov


Phone: +7 (987)297-7009

Email: beton@garage-factory.ru 

Website: www.garage-factory.ru 

Soc. Networks: www.facebook.com/garagefactory.ru