Margarita Kazarina and Ivan Khodyrev created the studio of product design and the whole brand iM in 2013. Their mission is to show that items designed and made in Russia are stylish, qualitative and functional. All the items from this studio are very different. They are united only with the idea: going beyond matter. Each iM object is not only the substance and function, but also creativity, experiment, attempt.

IM Studio works in three main: daily used items (iMHome), conceptual line (iMConcept) and the object design studio. The iMHome format produces interior items in the middle price segment: furniture, lamps, toys, decor. iMConcept is an experiment in collectible design and applied art. The iM Object Design Studio develops interior objects and art objects for specific purposes, prototyping and consulting.

iM. Studio

Ivan Khodyrev, Margarita Kazarina


Phone: +7 (499) 343-85-13; +7 (916) 857-20-06

E-mail: mail@im-ocean.com 

Website: www.im-ocean.com 

Social networks: www.instagram.com/imoceanstudio