Svetlana and Alexandr Novichkovy are the co-founders of Izzaciodesign. Their studio works on interior design and object design. Deep knowledge in metal- and woodworking make it possible to obtain professional quality and create exclusive objects and small architectural forms «on a turn-key basis».

Alexandr Novichkov - industrial and graphic designer, process engineer, artist. Physicist by education, designer by vocation. He is interested in the internal connection of physical objects and matter. Knowledge of physics helps him to penetrate deeper into the physical and material environment of the world and allows him to transform his thoughts and feelings into design.

Svetlana Novichkova is an architect engaged in interior and object design. Svetlana is inspired by modern designers who are not afraid to go beyond the usual proposals. Svetlana is in constant search for new forms and interior solutions.

Izzaciodesign is a new stage of work of both designers. Solving a spatial geometric problem, you can suddenly discover something new in the process of formation. The «mathematical approach» leads to new discoveries in the field of design and architecture. It provides a new degree of creative freedom, the ability to escape from the Cartesian coordinate system.


Svetlana and Alexander Novichkovy


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E-mail: irraciode@yandex.ru 

Website: www.irraciodesign.com 

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