Little Street

Furniture made by Little Street was first created in 2014. Its founder is Ksenia Belinskaya, she created the furniture for her own children. Her wardrobes are made according to the European architectural motives, taking into account children’s ergonomics. At the same time all of the items have the same quality as the common furniture (not just for children).

A small street consists of wardrobes, looking like houses. Costumers can choose these lockers-houses with different fillings, come up with the perfect combination of colors and get their own piece of «old Europe».

Cabinets are ergonomic: modular and comfortable for children, safe and strong. The furniture has no sharp corners, the handles are integrated into the doors. The doors are equipped with special closers in order not to pinch the fingers. 13 models (2 series) of cabinets are available in 24 colors, 9 models of pedestals, and children's mirrors.

Little Street. Studio

Ksenia Belinskaya


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