M INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is a full cycle design bureau: they create the items from design to production. Designer Vyacheslav Maslich founded the bureau in 2014. Now the company works on design and construction of furniture, lamps, art-objects and decoration items. They also prototype and prepare their works for the further manufacturing.

The company's credo is design with soul and deep inner world. The Bureau has a number of its own developments and its own production, and also cooperates with external productions. M INDUSTRIAL DESIGN promotes the culture of interconnection of the subject, human being and the world.

M INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. Full cycle design bureau.

Vyacheslav Maslich, Anastasia Maslich


Phone: +7 (918) 3334521, +7 (918) 6933300

E-mail: m@maslich.ru 

Website: www.m-i-design.ru 

Soc. Networks: www.insagram.com/m_industrial_design