Perinne —home textile and accessories. The trademark creators and designers, Shetlana Katargina and Tatiana Babkova, make stylish bright design combining decorative and applied art traditions and modern technological production methods.

We created collection of textiles «Forest, water and rock» inspired by traditional folk patterns of Pudozh, Karelian nature and bright colors of Russian North. (Pudozh is a small town in the North-West of Russia). The Pudozh embroidery is a unique technique with intensive decorative background filling and original style of ornament with abstract geometric forms.

Folk patterns are renewed whereas emotions and bright national character remain unchanged.

PERINNE means «tradition» in Karelian and Finnish languages. Traditions are very important for all of us and it is so important to have our own small and big holidays. Perinne helps to create a festive mood and to make the holiday bright, beautiful and memorable.

We use only natural pure linen fabric and make original design prints inspired by Russian Culturе and Folk art.

Perinne was awarded with two prizes in Russian professional competitions in 2018.


Svetlana Katargina, Tatiana Babkova


Phone: +7 (903) 189 6410; +7 (903) 189 6411



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