PLY bureau creates modern furniture in a very minimalistic style for people who appreciate design. This furniture easily fits into any interior because of a large variety of decoration and sizes.

With the same level of quality as in talian and Scandinavian brands, PLY furniture has a lower price, as it is produced in Russia from domestic materials. All items are solid and have a 30-year warranty on case damage.

Furniture PLY is a harmony of lines, shapes and proportions. Any item in the collection is unique, as it is hand made.

PLY. The Bureau

Dmitrii Lagutin, Mariana Vecher


Phone: +7 (909) 990-70-00; +7 (903) 178-02-95

Website: www.theply.ru 

E-mail: info@theply.ru 

Social Network: www.instagram.com/the_ply